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If you are looking for the best ways to avoid allergies and an intolerance then you should look no further than Sensitivity Check. By identifying your intolerances, you can look forward to a happier and healthier life. Here are just some of the things that you can do to try and manage your allergies better.

1) Clean

Yes, cleaning can be simple but also essential. You should scrub your house up and down and all around from top to bottom as the dust in your house could be causing you more problems than you think. There are many common offenders which can sneak into your household, especially if you do not regularly clean your house. If you develop an allergy or an intolerance, it may linger and continue to cause you pain. What we are essentially saying is that you should be aware of the deep dark corners of your house, and these could be the culprits! Well, simply dust off the skirting board, vacuum consistently and of course be very careful during the Winter!

2) Headaches

Headaches can last between 30 minutes and several hours according to the NHS. They are also a major sign of a food allergy or intolerance, and it is careful that you rule these out before deciding on what is causing your headache. To get rid of your headaches you should order an intolerance test right away so that you know whether or not the foods that you are eating are having an impact on your life. Other ways of getting rid of headaches include drinking plenty of water, getting plenty of rest, trying to relax, exercising when we can and of course taking paracetamol.

3) Read More 

Read the ingredients more carefully. Of course, if you have a sensitivity, intolerances or allergies then it is likely caused by food items that you are consuming. If you are going shopping and just take stuff off the shelves then you run the risk of eating something that contains an ingredient which you have an intolerance or a sensitivity to. If you have an allergy, you have to be more careful, as many products have hidden ingredients. Make sure you carefully read the ingredients and if in doubt, ask someone! Make sure you reap the benefits of an individual test with Sensitivity Check today!

4) What do you need to do about your allergies?

We only need one sample of your hair and using our expert testing methods, we will email the results to you within just 10 working days. Your test results will include all items which have shown a positive result of 85% and over. After performing thousands of tests, we believe 85% to be the point at which symptoms might begin to develop from.

If you feel as though an intolerance test which identifies your allergies is the right solution for you, then head over to and take a look around. If you have any queries, our customer service team are always happy to help, and they are available 5 days a week on a 24-hour basis.



This article was written by Kate, our Lab Manager

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