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Ushering in the New Year allows you to write the wrongs you made the previous year. Often, most people postpone when to rewrite their bad habits. However, with the New Year comes a unique chance to start over and begin embracing wellness in the New Year.

Besides making resolutions that will ensure you’re healthier. The New Year also allows you to make resolutions to make more significant moves in your career and personal life. You get to set goals for the entire year, where you revise them after a few months; it can be every quarter.

Most people need help to follow through with their New Year resolutions because they set unattainable goals and get easily discouraged after a few weeks of trying new habits. Also, failing can be because you set goals that align with your schedule or lifestyle or you went cold turkey on old habits you’ve been practicing for years.

Sometimes, weaving in new habits slowly can help you maintain them in the long run. But going cold turkey, even though it is a good strategy, only a few people can keep up with it in the long run. So, discover how to set goals and create time for the new things you want to do while embracing wellness in the New Year!

Sit less, move more.

Sitting more has become routine, and it’s due to people having sedentary jobs but also because of being inactive. Most people say they don’t have time to work out; however, you can find time to sit less. Even though it can be hard to set aside one hour for the gym, you can set a timer that goes off each hour when you decide to stand up and walk around the office for five minutes.

Little activity is better than inactivity and will help boost your overall health. You can even take the stairs at work instead of the elevator or park further than usual to have more legwork.

You can even do a five-minute exercise while watching your favorite show. Over time, you’ll realize that you feel way better when you do some exercise rather than when you’re inactive.

According to studies, sitting too much is linked with high mortality. So, find some time to go for a walk or do some fun physical activity you love, like playing tennis or swimming. If you do these for a few minutes each week, you’ll be increasing your body’s strength and keeping away chronic illnesses.

Find ways to reduce stress.

Most of us struggle with stress, which can also lead to anxiety and depression. If you are loaded with so much pressure this New Year, you can make it a point to find ways to reduce stress. There are many available tools online that can help you learn what to do and how you can manage stress.One Way To Reduce Stress

For example, you can start journaling your feelings, meditating, and creating a self-care routine. Even though these seem exhausting, you will get so much pleasure from them. You don’t have to do all these, but they’re an example of reducing stress. Meditation is an evidence-based method to promote well-being.

Other activities that can help reduce stress include walking, breathing exercises, or listening to music. You can find healthy and wellness podcasts and books that will enlighten you on ways to mitigate stress and better understand yourself.

Even simple things such as exercising can help suppress the stress hormone, which will help you feel happier and less stressed. Exercising will also help you keep a healthy weight; if you use it for stress and embracing wellness in the New Year, you’ll kill two birds with one stone.

Go grocery shopping regularly.

If your New Year resolve to eat healthy and lose some weight, then the best to accomplish this is by preparing healthy home-cooked meals. This journey of healthy eating can take time and effort. Therefore, you need to take it slowly. If you eat all your meals away from home, you can start by creating one meal at home. Over time, you’ll make more.

It’s easier to cook than sit and order takeout when you have groceries. If there’s a farmer’s market near you, intend to shop for fresh produce there so you can make better food choices. Sometimes, going to the supermarkets can be bad for you if you have impulses to purchase junk food like chips.

You can even designate one day of the week as your grocery shopping day so you don’t miss it. Once you’ve ensured you have healthy meals in your fridge and pantry, it gets easier to make good meal decisions. This is a great opportunity for embracing wellness in the New Year!

Stop smoking

Smoking harms many organs organs in the body. In the New Year, you can decide to quit smoking. If you can keep yourself healthy by preventing this, then it’s high time you did it. If you feel it’s too hard for you, you can ask a specialist to help you quit.

Tobacco products are damaging to your health, and there are many resources online that can help you quit smoking. It is an excellent plan to take care of your health and stop the consumption of harmful substances like tobacco.

Learn to love vegetables.

It doesn’t matter whether you’re trying to lose weight or gain it; vegetables are still good for your health. They contain many necessary nutrients and fiber. These help keep your heart and gut healthy, among other organs in the body. Even a serving of vegetables daily is an excellent place to start as you keep increasing the quantity seamlessly into your diet.

You can play around with various vegetable recipes that will help you add these veggies to your diet. For example, you can use baby spinach in your juices or morning eggs. Or you can start making salads with your favorite foods. For example, if you love chicken, you can bake it with some vegetables like broccoli and cauliflower.

Make time for health checks.

Your health is necessary; just because you didn’t feel ill doesn’t mean you’re okay. Check-in with your local provider to see which health screens you’re due for, then get them done. If you put aside one day, you can visit your dentist or ophthalmologist and get screened for a mammogram or colonoscopy if you’re due.

If you also suffer from digestive symptoms every time you eat some foods, you can also get a Sensitivity Test. These help you determine how different foods affect your health and whether you need to do something about it. Our tests are a great way to begin embracing wellness in the New Year.


If you’re one of the many people who barely drink a glass of water daily, then you can decide to learn how to hydrate as a New Year’s resolution. Water is essential to the body, and it’s even necessary if you get only six hours of sleep or less.

Getting less sleep means that you’re likely to be dehydrated. If you’ve had disrupted sleep at night, you’ll need more water the following day because the hormone that regulates your water conservation is released during the later stages of sleep. So, on such days, ensure you drink extra water.

Learn a new skill.

Life is an endless journey of learning. These days, you don’t have to take a Sabbatical to learn something new; you can do it on your phone. You can either learn a new skill to boost your career. Or even learn something that you enjoy doing as a hobby.

By learning new things, such as cooking some new foods or even a new language, you’re allowing your brain to work on something new that is interesting, and at the end of it, you get to have a unique skill that you’ll be proud of. There are many books to help you and even free courses online you can take.

Final thoughts

These above New Year health and wellness tips will help you become a better person while embracing wellness in the New Year. When you take the resolutions into action and follow them by adding them gradually into your daily routine, you’ll end up with a fantastic year where you’ve accomplished so much more than you initially thought. Now that catching up on your diet for better things will be your New Year’s resolution, it’s also essential to know what food intolerances you have to plan around them. You can do this by taking a Sensitivity Test.

This article was written by Donna, our Nutritionist / Care Manager

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