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Most people worldwide are becoming sensitive to different foods. A food sensitivity is also commonly known as intolerance. When you have food sensitivity, it refers to your digestive system’s inability to digest specific foods. Food sensitivities have many causes; however, the real cause is often unknown, but how can you prevent this, and exactly what is a sensitivity test?

Your gut can be sensitive to specific foods or lack specific enzymes required to break down certain foods and absorb them into the bloodstream. When you have food sensitivity, you’ll experience uncomfortable digestive symptoms like diarrhea and stomach pain, among other symptoms.

What is a sensitivity test?

A sensitivity test helps you know about food and non-food items your body is sensitive to. There are two ways that you can take a sensitivity test. The simplest way is by sending your hair sample to the lab after purchasing a Sensitivity Test online. This method is quite simple and uses bio-resonance testing to determine the items that your body is sensitive to.

It can use a sample of your hair because everything is energy according to quantum physics. So, information and energy from your body are stored even in the roots of your hair, and a test can determine which items your body reacts to. A hair sensitivity test can only help you determine items you’re sensitive to, but not the ones you’re allergic to.

The second way to determine your sensitivity is by taking a blood test. This method requires you to order a test kit online and have it delivered to your mail; then, you can mail back your sample to the lab for testing. You’ll then receive an email with test results showing you items you’re sensitive to.

The blood sensitivity testing method can also be used to determine allergies. A simple sensitivity test helps you know which items to avoid in your skincare routine and even when meal planning to avoid sensitivity symptoms.

Living with your sensitivity makes it common to experience certain side effects. These include: 

  • Digestive disorders 
  • Weight gain 
  • Modd and attention deficit disorders 
  • Migraines and similar disorders 
  • Chronic conditions that include chronic inflammation

It is necessary to know your sensitivities to manage your diet and get into a better health condition.

Benefits of a sensitivity test

When you’re aware of the foods your body is sensitive to, it can result in many benefits. These benefits include:

Dieting wisely

When managing your diet, it’s easier to know which foods you must have and which ones to avoid when deciding what foods to eat and what to avoid. For example, most people cannot stick to specific diets due to food sensitivities and not because those diets are difficult.Benefits of a sensitivity test

Sticking to a diet can get hard when you constantly suffer from undesirable digestive symptoms. However, when you’re aware of your food sensitivities, you can stick to your desirable diet that includes mostly foods you’re not sensitive to.

If you have more than one food sensitivity, it’s important to consult a dietitian so they can help guide you on creating a balanced diet when you have to remove certain common foods from your meal plan. When you dont diet appropriately, balancing all the food groups, it can result in nutritional deficiencies, which are unpleasant.

Fewer symptoms

The best part of sensitivity testing is that you get to avoid sensitivity symptoms. A food sensitivity test will help you realize which food causes specific symptoms that you’ve been experiencing. When you have this information and diet accordingly, you’ll notice you get fewer of these symptoms.

Once you’ve mastered your diet and are confident in it, you’ll notice that you no longer suffer from sensitivity symptoms. Managing your diet when you have food sensitivity will also prevent you from suffering from chronic inflammation.

An abundance of energy and better performance

When you constantly consume food that is causing you intolerance symptoms, you’ll notice that you’re less motivated to work because you feel unwell and you’re low on energy. However, once you know your sensitivities, you can easily start observing your diet and eating only foods that make you feel good.

When you’re consuming foods your body can easily digest, you’ll feel good and energetic, improving your performance at work or school. You’ll also be able to do physical activities at peak energy because you feel good.

Improved sleep

When your body has difficulty breaking down food, you’ll often have interrupted sleep or even insomnia. It’s hard to fall asleep soundly when you have an upset stomach. However, once you have managed your diet and eliminated problematic foods, you can easily sleep soundly, giving you more energy the following day due to sufficient rest.

Better cognition

Consuming foods your body can easily digest and avoid those foods that are hard to process will result in better cognition and mental functionality. However, these benefits can’t be put on food sensitivity awareness alone.

However, when you’ve been suffering from food sensitivity symptoms due to your usual diet, you can easily notice such changes in your body and even your mental health. Eating foods your body can process well ensures your general well-being.

It’s fast and convenient

You can easily order a Sensitivity Test online and have your results within a week. This is a fast method to have your sensitivity test results, and it’s also accurate. A sensitivity test removes the stress of making an appointment and setting time aside to visit a clinic. It is convenient to ensure you can keep running your life in the usual manner as you get tested and receive results.

After you get your results, you’ll also get a free 30-minute call with a professional who will help you manage your diet accordingly to eliminate the uncomfortable digestive symptoms.

Final thoughts

A Sensitivity Test tells you about food and non-food items your body is sensitive to. By taking a sensitivity test, you’ll also take your diet plan into your own hands. Learning about food sensitivities will help you enjoy your diet and choose healthy foods. It will also ensure you can eat fewer foods that cause an upset stomach or cramps. 

This article was written by Donna, our Nutritionist / Care Manager

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