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About Sensitivity Check

Discover more about us and our tests

About Us

At Sensitivity Check, we’re very proud to be part of the journey of the people who’ve chosen our test and are living healthier, happier lives. That’s why we believe in transparency of our products, service and satisfaction guarantee.

Our labs offer tests to countries all over the world and supply a variety of tests for different needs. With a small team of experts working 24 hours a day to offer a great service that ensures you don’t have to wait to be healthy.

Hair analysis has been approved for testing and accuracy worldwide and offers a non-invasive service that your children and parents could benefit from too.

This site is operated by worldwide laboratory network Global Science Technology Limited under company number 10219531.

We can be contacted 24/7 via our onsite LiveChat or email: info@sensitivitycheck.co.

We offer testing services in the United States, Australia, UK and Europe from a number of laboratories and regional hubs.

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Satisfaction Guarantee

Customer feedback

The team was super helpful and my results were explained in detail. I’ve now changed my eating and am seeing the benefit.



Very interesting report that has pointed me to the causes of regular pain.


San Diego

You’ve helped me identify what I suspected already. I’m now taking a gluten-free diet and feel so much better. Thanks.



I was surprised at how accurate the foods were. Every food I already know I have a problem with was listed.



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About The Sensitivity Test

It’s important to check your sensitivities so that you know which foods are causing you serious problems. Our quick procedure starts the moment you make your purchase as we send you the forms you need to fill out. Each instruction is carefully explained, from how to take a hair sample, to how it needs to be packaged (a normal envelope is fine) and then you return it to us in a stamped addressed envelope.

We only take a very small sample of your hair as that gives us the tools we need to test your intolerances. The test results are then produced in an easy to understand form which is split into the different categories of food, non-food, nutrition and metals, depending on your results. We test for an 85% reaction rate as this is the level which will cause a symptom in your body.

Included in your report is an easy to understand introduction written by our nutritionist team which will help you get the most from your test. We also tell you more about each item including where it is found, and a further description so that you can fully remove it from your diet.

We test hair as it’s less invasive than a blood sample, it’s more accurate when sending samples through the post, and allows us to give you fast results.

Stop the symptoms – fast!

We test common food and non-food sensitivity triggers

About The Satisfaction Guarantee

At Sensitivity Check, we believe in transparency which is why we’re proud of our satisfaction guarantee.

We’re so proud of our test, service and team that we have a satisfaction guarantee; if your results don’t change your health, we’ll give you the money back.

We’re the only one to have a customer service team working 24 hours a day to answer your queries so that you can rest assured, you’re in good hands with Sensitivity Check.

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