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Sensitivity Check was launched in 2018 offering sensitivity/intolerance testing services to help those get that one step closer to health. The testing facility has provided a wide range of test across the USA, Australia and Europe. Offering various tests, the company offers at least two levels of tests, allowing you to purchase a combination of singular, couples and family with tests starting from $25.00.sensitivity check laboratory

The company offers secure purchasing and payment processes, and results are emailed to the client’s chosen email address on receipt and then completion of the test. Sensitivity Check endeavors to make the process as easy and as transparent for its customers as possible. With our expert technicians, you know you are in safe hands when your order an intolerance test today. Your samples are received and sorted in a post sorting room. Each sample is linked with the online purchase and an email notification is automatically sent straight to the customer. The batches of tests are passed to the lab technicians in our labs, and all labs follow the good lab practices. Check out our labs below and see exactly what processes we go through to ensure we achieve the most accurate results.

Your hair samples are then input into our state-of-the-art equipment and the results then saved and prepared to send to the customer. The results will help you to identify what foods the individual needs to avoid in order to see their symptoms subside. Your samples are then disposed of and the paper customer data is then shredded.

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Firstly, if you are seriously ill or you believe that you have a medical condition then we recommend that you discuss it with your Doctor immediately. However, bioresonance hair testing is proving to be an alternative which is helping people to experience new health benefits.

Sensitivity Check Labs

The equipment that we use is the (Multiple Analytical Resonance Systems) is manufactured and listed as a medical scanning device class 11a. Offering bioresonance hair testing to our customers, Sensitivity Check is able to provide people with smart and efficient results. This helps you to identify dietary or environmental changes in their lives, as they revolutionize their diet in order to improve their health.

Bioresonance Hair Testing

At Sensitivity Check, we give our customers the option to choose from a variety of bioresonance hair tests. Not only are you able to get yourself tested for food intolerances, but you can get your partner or your family tested as well. The whole process is non-invasive and can help you to push your symptoms to one side by setting you up perfectly to prepare for your elimination diet. We are proud to say that our customers are thrilled by the fast and accurate results that we obtain for them.

How does it work though?

Over the last few years, Bioresonance technology has improved significantly. All that is needed for an optimal analysis is just one simple strand of your hair. Sensitivity Check has a thorough testing process which tells you whether or not you have any reactions, and therefore whether or not you need to avoid that item. This Sensitivity Check report provides customers with a comprehensive overview of their results and helps to explain to others why they have been experiencing certain reactions to items.

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