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When it gets bad enough, dealing with bloating can cause

us to avoid going out and eating with loved ones, or it can cause us to wear loose-fitting clothes constantly. For some, it can even create a negative spiral of constantly feeling as though you are bursting out of your clothing, when your weight itself may not be the issue. Bloating is one of those things that everyone has at some point or another. The good news is, you can eliminate once and for all by following this proven advice to get you started in the right way. 


How to get a handle on bloating

The reality is that no one wants to be dealing with bloating, and with the right support, you can make that a reality by helping bring that kind of research-based advice into your diet. Here are some simple yet effective ideas to try for better control over the bloating situation. 

  • Check for food intolerances or food allergies: Both food intolerances and food allergies can create bloating in people. The degree of bloating depends on the severity of the inflammation. If you are noticing the problem after certain meals or foods, it could be effective to get a test for both intolerances and/or allergies to see if there is an underlying condition that you didn’t know about.  
  • Keep an eye on sugar alcohol: In order to keep sugar low, the sugar alcohol is often used in meals and sweets. However, this potent sweetening agent is going to make things rough for your digestion, since they are known to create digestion-related problems when eaten in moderate to high amounts. You’ll want to check that ingredients list a little more closely as a result. 
  • Opt for probiotics: Since gas in the stomach and digestive tract is the cause of bloating, to begin with, you’ll want to fight it with probiotics that will help you to minimize gas production in a healthy way. Sometimes this will need to be customized to a specific person and their gut’s needs, but it can be effective.
  • Minimize portions, especially of high-fibre foods: You know how beans always give people gas? To the point that most people just avoid beans entirely? That’s because these are fibre-packed foods that will sit

in your stomach and digestive tract for a long time. Not only will they create gas and cause bloating, but they also take quite a while to break down (making them great “rib-sticking” meal ingredients).

Regardless of what approach you want to take, you don’t need to feel as though you are dealing with bloating that is out of control. You just need to put it within your control by focusing on effective and healthy ways to reduce it as much as possible. By following these tips with your day to day diet as much as possible — including adapting to an elimination diet if your intolerance and allergy tests recommend it — you’ll be able to improve your diet-related health much easier than you thought possible. All it takes is the right help and support!

This article was written by Kate, our Lab Manager

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