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Kate Young, BSc

Lab Manager

Kate Young, our dedicated Lab Manager, joined the Healthy Stuff team in October 2020. With over 20 years of experience as a Clinical Bio Scientist and Embryologist, she has worked in various clinical NHS hospitals and private laboratories in the UK and Japan. Kate obtained a BSc in Human Biological Studies from Leicester University and specialized in IVF and Embryology during her time in Japan.

At Healthy Stuff, Kate efficiently manages our laboratory testing, ensuring strict adherence to processing protocols and upholding the highest standards of practice and regulatory requirements. She remains at the forefront of implementing new technologies and techniques to improve our services and laboratory operations.

Outside of work, Kate showcases her passion for both science and art by curating and exhibiting art exhibitions in Japan and around the world. She also pursues a Diploma in Botany and enjoys gardening as a hobby. In her culinary adventures, she explores global cuisines and experiments with new recipes. Additionally, Kate finds inspiration in the Japanese concept of "wabi-sabi," which emphasizes nature, acceptance, and mindfulness.


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    Can an Elimination Diet Cause Symptoms?

    Commencing an elimination diet isn’t easy, especially since you’re often having to remove foods you regularly consume from your diet. Most people begin an elimination diet with the goal of getting rid of some uncomfortable symptoms. But sometimes, those symptoms persist or even worsen during the elimination diet. So, what gives? Are these diets causing […]

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    The Truth: Food Intolerance Testing vs Elimination Diets.

    Many people argue that an elimination diet is superior to food intolerance testing, or that testing is better and more scientific and beneficial than the elimination diet. At Sensitivity Check, we don’t follow either of these narratives. Read on to learn the truth about the sensitivity testing/elimination diet divide. The lone elimination diet An elimination […]

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    A new year is fast approaching and with it, many of us are planning a new approach to our diets. After a few days (or weeks) of indulging over the holidays, we’re looking for ways to undo all the damage in January. One way to help you get back on track is with a food […]

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    Christmas time is full of family, celebrations and food. We all chow down on gingerbread men, mince pies and turkey over with our loved ones. It’s fair to call Christmas dinner a bit of a feast – especially if you have the whole family over! So, the last thing you want during this festive time […]

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    Why you should get a food intolerance test before your Christmas Feast

    Food intolerance tests are helpful all year round, but there’s ample reasoning to have a test before you dive into the festive tradition of feasting on mince pies, Christmas pudding and roast turkey. Unlike food allergies, food intolerances can come and go in as quickly as a few months. So, testing for an intolerance before […]

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