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Kate Young, BSc

Lab Manager

Kate Young, our dedicated Lab Manager, joined the Healthy Stuff team in October 2020. With over 20 years of experience as a Clinical Bio Scientist and Embryologist, she has worked in various clinical NHS hospitals and private laboratories in the UK and Japan. Kate obtained a BSc in Human Biological Studies from Leicester University and specialized in IVF and Embryology during her time in Japan.

At Healthy Stuff, Kate efficiently manages our laboratory testing, ensuring strict adherence to processing protocols and upholding the highest standards of practice and regulatory requirements. She remains at the forefront of implementing new technologies and techniques to improve our services and laboratory operations.

Outside of work, Kate showcases her passion for both science and art by curating and exhibiting art exhibitions in Japan and around the world. She also pursues a Diploma in Botany and enjoys gardening as a hobby. In her culinary adventures, she explores global cuisines and experiments with new recipes. Additionally, Kate finds inspiration in the Japanese concept of "wabi-sabi," which emphasizes nature, acceptance, and mindfulness.


  • a food sensitivity can remain for life

    Does Food Sensitivity remain for whole life?

    It is rightly said that food is the medicine for the body. The right food will keep you healthy and the wrong food will mess with your health. But, if you are facing problems in spite of having the right food, then you may have a food sensitivity.  Food sensitivity can be a condition where […]

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  • managing your food intolerances can be beneficial to eating out

    Managing Your Food Intolerances

    Food intolerances are common all over the world. Many of us live and cope with food intolerances. Did you know, that in the UK alone, it is believed that over 2 million people are suffering from an intolerance? What’s more? Many of them have no idea how to deal with it. In fact, there are […]

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  • take a sensitivity test before travelling

    Travelling after a Sensitivity Test

    Are you a person that likes to plan ahead? Are you already thinking about your Christmas holidays? If you are, then we can help you to ease all of your worries. How? With a sensitivity test of course. Testing your sensitivities will enable you to learn exactly what you need to stay away from and […]

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  • Food Sensitivity

    Food Sensitivity in the Family

    Regularly, a lot of people find themselves in the position of going out to eat with the family and all coming back wondering ‘do you feel funny?’. Well, the answer may be a food sensitivity. It is common that a food intolerance may be hereditary and so it is no coincidence that a whole family […]

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  • Food sensitivity is very much related to your gut health.

    Living with a food sensitivity

    Learning about your food sensitivity is all about understanding your food and what items you are eating. It not only improves the health of your gut but also the entire condition of the body. At Sensitivity Check, we love to help you identify your issues.  You can heal yourself by either using food sensitivity tests […]

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